05 May 2010

New Facebook Group

Hey, I just started a new group on facebook for the former crew, family and friends of the USS Harold E. Holt. If you happen to have an association with this group stop on by and visit!  The name of the group is

U.S.S. Harold E. Holt FF-1074 Former Crew, Family and Friends

So far I am the only member lol!  I have talked with a couple former crew members and they expressed interest in a group when I mentioned that I was thinking of starting one.  I hope they join because I'm kind of lonely as the only member. ;)

Parenting Advice from Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of my favorite ladies in history is Eleanor Roosevelt. Behind the great man Franklin D. Roosevelt was the greater woman--Eleanor Roosevelt. Not only did she do the political campaign bit for him she was also his legs and ears out in the field where and whenever he was unable to go because of his paralysis. On a more personal level, she was a loving mother to her children. In 1931 she wrote an editorial for The Parent's Magazine that is as relevant today as it was then.  "As parents, we must realize that modern life tends to make us soft, and we must let our children meet their own difficulties, find their own solutions to knotty problems and gain experience for themselves.  It may seem hard but what a sense of satisfaction there is when one feels sure of the ability in one’s self to meet a difficulty."   Go here and you  may read the entire editorial.
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