15 December 2012


Acts of terrorism are vile and horrendous. Compound these acts with the fact that they are done by Americans rather than foreigners makes it even more frightening. To an extent we can keep foreigners out but when it is the quiet, intelligent young person next door who goes into a school and kills 20 young children we find  reason to be in a heightened state of fear, reason to not trust our neighbor and a need to always be on guard. I don't have the solution to this. I do know that we need to return to basics in this country and that's putting more emphasis on our families, not material things but getting to know each other by talking, playing and working together without the interference of electronic devices. I wanted to find a special prayer to post here for victims of crime/terrorism but couldn't find one. The best prayer is probably the one that comes from the heart.

May God give the people in Newtown, Connecticut the strength to handle the horror and losses they are suffering.