20 August 2010

I Reported the Bums to the "Do Not Call" Folks!

I filed a complaint with the "Do Not Call Registry" about Credit Card Services.  I'm just so ticked that these people are free to make calls trying to scam people!  ERRRGGGGGHHHH!

It's Been A While But the Scammers Are Back!

I haven't received calls from scamming companies that promise to lower my credit card interest rates for a while.  Today, they're back in action.  The call came from 779-000-2145 (Name not found) at 3:02 pm.  I pressed 9 to get them to take my name off the list.  The lady wouldn't do it without me giving her my number!  I told the wench that since SHE had just called me, she already had my number and should lose it because the next time I received a call from that number I was reporting them for violating the provisions of the no-call list.  Geez, some people need to get REAL jobs and leave the rest of us ALONE!

Edited to add:  Got ANOTHER call from another phone number for the company Credit Card Services about lowering my interest rates.  The number on my caller id was from "wireless caller" with the phone number 813-332-5027.  I pressed 9 again and told the operator to stop trying to SCAM me!  The gentleman hungup.

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