13 April 2011

Monday's Free Crochet Pattern--Late :(

I'm so sorry, I thought I had a link scheduled to be posted this Monday but I didn't. :-(  So, I posted these videos to learn about different methods of joining granny squares. I learned something new here. When I've been joining my grannies with single crochets, I've been using only 2 loops to crochet in. Mikey uses all 4 loops when he shows how to do it. Since I've already started doing it with only using 2 loops, I'll save Mikey's technique until I make my next granny square project. I like using the sc method of joining squares. I think it gives more depth and detail to the project.

I hope you enjoy these videos. Mikey is quite the character and I enjoy his videos for learning new techniques and also a few laughs. Hugs to all...

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