09 May 2016

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Project

Here is a quick project to use to hang a small kitchen or tea towel from.

Have fun!

I've Fallen Behind!!!

I have fallen behind with my blogging. We had chores to do closing down the Florida place and back in Kentucky I've just been trying to catch up with things and  I've been so very tired. I know, sounds like excuses to me too. I apologize for not completing the A to Z Challenge. If I would have realized that I would fall so far behind, I could have written my posts ahead of time and had them scheduled to post on the appropriate day. One of these days I'll get with the program! Important news--Walmart has Peaches and Creme reduced to $1.50 so I have bought a small stash to add to my bigger stash.

I have been making granny squares  and working on assembling them into lapghans that I plan to donate to the veterans home that will be opening in our town in July (that's the latest rescheduled date). Here's a few pictures:

With the exception of yarn used to join, this is made of left overs.

Made of half scraps and half new. Joining is in progress.

Using a spool knitter to make cord. I plan to use an S hook to crochet a rug out of it. I've done this before and my little dog loves having a cozy spot to take a nap.

I have a 3rd lapghan in the works. It will have a wavy ripple design. I'm saving it to share with you later.

Take care,