23 September 2010

What Did DH Order Now?!

The old lesson "don't jump to conclusions" came back at me this morning.

Every now and then, dh will get into one of the shopping channels and order some strange things.  So, this morning when I rushed to the door in my robe and the  mailman had a package in his hand I wondered what the heck dh ordered now.  Our sons were having birthdays soon, and Christmas was on the way.  Also dh was having a birthday next month and I thought, "Gee, maybe he bought his own present."

Then I looked at the address label, and lo and behold it was addressed to ME!

Now I know I didn't order anything so what could it be???

It's a roll of paper towels!  Then I remembered that I did a survey concerning different brands and now I'm supposed to use these towels and compare to other brands that I've used.  These will come in handy so it is nice to get a surprise "freebie" in the mail every now and then.

Take care y'all and come back again soon....Hugs.....

ps--It's a good idea not to jump to conclusions but in this case, I had a nice surprise.

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