24 March 2010

A New Dishcloth and Potholder

While I was sitting at my temporary job with the Census Bureau and had nothing to do, I made this potholder and dishcloth.  The potholder is based on what I remember of a pattern from LionBrand.  The dishcloth is just rows of single crochet done in the back loops.  The edging of the potholder is a one row of single crochet, then a row of triple crochet, slip stitch in the next single crochet  repeat around to corners and then half double crochet chain one and another half double crochet.  I'm really happy with how they turned out.

About my Census job, I work three, five hour days Monday - Wednesday and this week I only had 1 person come in!  I guess I'll have a lot of crochet time!  Speaking of crocheting, I'm making a lot of granny squares for an afghan.  I'll show you those some other time.

Take care everyone....