26 April 2010

On April 26, 1862 Civil War Cartoon about Union Naval Victories

This Cartoon was printed in Harper's Weekly on April 26, 1862. Cartoonist Justin Howard uses a sports analogy to praise Union admiral Andrew Hull Foote's victories in the Mississippi River campaign.  His capture of Island Number Ten from the Confederates is represented as a game of ten pins (a type of bowling).  Go here to read the complete article about these victories.
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Look What Happened to Iroquois Point Military Housing in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

A friend just sent me this.  These townhouses and duplexes used to be military housing that we lived in when we were stationed in Hawaii back in the late 80s and early 90s.  It is hard to believe that the military built new housing and got rid of these.  We had a great time when we were there and I really would like to go back someday.  You can go to the column on your right and mute the blog's music to listen to this video better.

NOTE:   The video seems to be marked private now. DRAT!!! Here's an article about this place that might interest you: 2,000 Military Homes to go On the Rental Market
ps--I'm leaving the video thingie here in case they decide not to keep it private.