06 October 2015

A Zippy Loomed Scarf

I recently saw a neat looking gadget when I was at Michaels. It is a loom that looks like a comb for a cartoon giant.

I brought it home and started to make a scarf with it. The problem was that the scarf came out rather thin and that didn't seem right since I was using 2 strands of super bulky weight yarn (6). I read a bit more in the instructions and discovered that I could buy another loom and there is a way to connect 2 or more of them together. A few days later I grabbed my purse and another coupon for 40% off and headed back to Michaels. Now I was in business.

Utilizing 6 pegs, I used the e-wrap stitch which is very similar to writing a cursive "e" (another good reason to continue teaching cursive handwriting in schools). I may have gotten a little carried away with the length but that's ok because many women like longer scarves.

Close up:

The yarn I used was Bernat Blanket yarn in vintage white and countryside (off white, gray, blue). I like this scarf but alas it's not for me and it's in the gift drawer for a special person at some other time.

Guess this is it for now. Hope y'all are having a great week.


Zippy Loom