22 March 2009

A Nice Family Day Today

Here's a picture of my baby boy! He was over today and we were setting him up with his own page on one of those online social type places. Duh, I can't think of the name of it just now lol. Anyway, I had to take a few pics of him for his page and I thought I'd post this one on my blog since it has been a while since I posted one of Justin. Anyway, we got him all set up. It is hard to believe that he is 29 and just now getting into learning how to use computers! He's always been a "late bloomer" so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. Anyway, for the person who snoops here to see pics of my "boys" here's one.

Today, I fixed a very good pork shoulder roast. I had this huge thing in my freezer and I thought I had better make it so I did. I found a great recipe for an oriental style roast and it was yummy. You can see the recipe here. I made rice (of course) to go along with it and I had some stir-fried veggies. Justin, his wife Karen and her gd plus my mil shared the meal with us and just about everyone had seconds so that's a good sign that they enjoyed it. Added 24 March 09--I adapted this recipe to use in the oven instead of the slow cooker. I put the roast in a cooking bag and then mixed all the other ingredients and poured on top of it. Worked out pretty good and the meat just fell off the bone.

Take care everyone and hugs....>