03 November 2010

Opi Gets a New Sweater Too...

It wasn't fair that the little girl got a new sweater and not the little boy. So, I got my hook out and some left-over yarn and went to work. It's a little big but that's ok, Opi will be warm.  So here's the man of the hour---Opi!

Looks like a cowl collar!

Now the kids will stay warm  when if I get motivated to take them walking. :) 

Nellie Belle's Sweater is Finished

I finished Nellie Belle's sweater just a little bit ago. She once again was a bit irked when I made her put it on for pictures. Here, may I present Miss Nellie Belle in all her glory--
Maaa, not the camera again???!!!

OK Sweetie, Momma loves you...

Another look at the sweater

The pattern I started out with is from Lion Brand's free patterns. I Mentioned in my previous post that I modified the collar, back, chest and added leg straps oh, and used different yarn than what the pattern called for AND a different size hook. Hmm, is it a new pattern?

Finishing Up this Project for Nellie Belle

This little coat for Nellie Belle is based on a free pattern found at Lion Brand website. OK, I didn't have the right yarn and I modified the collar and I modified the number of rounds for the back and the chest piece and it still didn't fit right so I added some "straps" to give Nellie B some extra leg room. Lots of ends to weave in--mostly due to all the modifications I did. Here's pics of Nellie B and she's not too happy playing model for me. She had been snuggled under an old Mexican throw on her daddy's recliner when I rudely took her covers and put this on her. Hope you enjoy...
If looks could kill! 

Leave me alone 'K?