10 October 2010

Dedicated to Jorge

We have this neighbor who is a bit unusual.  He likes to take pictures of us from his front porch. Really creepy!  He makes me feel like I'm a celebrity or something lol! I am dedicating this video to him.

Wildlife in the Suburbs :)

We're suckers for feeding the birds, squirrels and other wildlife in our neighborhood. On a tree by the driveway we have a squirrel cafe where the little critters can dine on corn we buy for them.  Here are a couple little guys chowing down.  I was hoping to get better pictures but they were skittish when they saw me with the camera.  The one on your right is a tiny thing.  So here they are:
Here is an overall view of the cafe.
Sorry about the junkyard-like house in the background.  This is where the neighborhood paparazzi lives.  He started taking pictures of our home and visitors again today.  He also called the police because one guest had partially blocked the sidewalk with his vehicle.  I did mention to the police officer that the car next to the red one has expired tags.  I'm really tired of this guy!
* * * 
A little bit closer view of the cafe.
* * * 
Here's the bigger of the squirrels at the Squirrel Cafe!
* * * 

Here's the little guy
* * * 

The big guy again