13 March 2016

More Progress on the Bathroom...

Catching you up with the progress on the bathroom remodel that hubby is doing.  When I thought about redoing the bathroom, I thought it would be a simple job because of the small size. Ha! To do it right, lots of "stuff" needs to be done. New subfloors before flooring is put in, new drywall because the old was trashed and since the drywall was down, might as well put new insulation in too. There were some manufacture things that seemed wrong such as the toilet plumbing would not allow the toilet to be centered under the window--you'll see this in one of the pictures below. Okay, here's the pics:

Vanity with new light. Plumbing needs to be connected. Painting is done

Shower. Linen closet will be installed to your right.

Here you can see the new toilet. If it was centered, lots of work would need to be done rerouting pipes under the trailor.

Another view of vanity. We need to put handles and knobs on drawers and doors.

Light fixture above sink. Mirror will go under light.

"Studs" marked for medicine cabinet install.

As you can see, lots has been done but there is still quite a bit of odds and ends to do. The color is a peach-like color. I had thought it was going to be a blush-looking color but it turned out quite a bit darker. I seem to have a problem with pinkish, coral or orangey colors and I always get them darker than I like. In Kentucky, I ended up with what I thought was going to be a soft pink but ended up being  a cotton candy pink. Oh well, one of these days I'll get it right. 

Y'all take care and thanks for stopping in.