25 March 2010

Here's Another Dishcloth and Potholder

Here's another potholder and dishcloth.  I'm packing these and the ones I made the other day and mailing them to my uncle.  I think he'll like them.  The potholders aren't "pretty" but they are practical and a bit over-sized and will be a good fit for a man with big hands.

Do any of you have problems deciding what to use for backgrounds when taking photos of your crochet projects?  I'm running out of ideas.  I use the grass when weather is good and grass is green, my black coat is another choice, the dishcloth on this post is set on a table runner on my coffee table, and today's potholder is on a chair in the living room.  I'm out of ideas so please everyone, leave me a comment on any new ideas you may have.

Take care all...