27 April 2012

Make Your Own Buttons

One of my friends on Facebook posted this link and I have to share it with you before I forget. Here's how to make your own buttons out of bone rings or other similar round objects. Really great idea when you consider how expensive buttons have gotten. Here's the link .

Shawl Is Done!

Here's the finished shawl.

 Closeup of the Edge--

For the edging, I made shells out of triple crochet. I ended up with less than 3 inches to weave in of the darker yarn!

Next project is started. I'm making a baby blanket out of pink and off-white. Not sure if  I'm going to use another color or not. I have to make up my mind soon.

We got our garden tilled up today. Down here, folks say to plant your garden on Derby weekend and that's coming up soon.

Later my friends...

Quick Trip to Thrift Store Yesterday

I made a quick trip to the local thrift store yesterday just because I had a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket and also because I hadn't visited there for a while. I bought only 2 things but I'm pretty darned happy with what I got.

The first thing I got was a pretty summer top in new condition. It's an Old Navy brand and was only $3. It should go with most everything because it's white and I think it may look nice belted with a sash to wear with a broomstick skirt--I'll have to check this out though..

And then for $5, I got this serving dish that matches my Pfaltzgraff dishes. I'm always on the look out for odds and ends to match these except I do not need any more plates (I have 70+), saucers or coffee cups. Serving pieces and bowls are what I'm scoping out.

There's a story about these dishes. When dh and I were newlyweds, he brought me back a basic set of these dishes from the Navy Exchange overseas in the Philippines. There were only 4 place settings so I  kept them packed away like a sentimental keepsake or something. I started finding odds and ends of this design at thrift stores and yard sales. I have an aunt who is seemingly able to find anything and she bought me a gazillion pieces too. So for the last 10 years we have been using these dishes. DH doesn't like them because they get very hot in the microwave so I keep a couple odd plates just to reheat things on. I love these dishes and the thoughtfulness of my non-domestic husband surprising me with the original set. Sometimes he amazes me. :)

Only 2 more rows to go on my shawl! I've been bad about keeping up with weaving in the ends when I change colors at the end of every row. Maybe I can "hide the ends" to take a picture in the next day or too so you can see the "finished" project. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

A Bit of Musical Humor for You Today

I've had this sitting in my email box for quite a while meaning to share it with you but oh, well, it's that darned old timers making me forgetful. Anyway, what was I saying??? Oh yeah, I want to share this funny musical video with you. Enjoy everyone!