21 August 2011

What Would You Do?

I'm really distressed here. We have some wonderful neighbors. We're friendly with them all.The neighborhood gentleman all hang out together and very often work on home improvement projects together. Oh and let me make it clear, we're not talking about youngsters here because they range in age from almost 50 to 90s. Unfortunately, one neighbor doesn't fit in. He doesn't take care of his home and our property values are affected by it. He takes our pictures and one day he took mine when I answered the door to my son early one  morning and I was in my robe! If a car is parked an inch over the public sidewalk he calls the police. He called the police when his next door neighbor was having a deck built for confirmation a permit had been obtained. He stands across the street and stares in our garage (aka mancave) when the men congregate there. Today he climbed on top of his shed to get a better view over here. It's creepy and I don't know what to do about it. Check out these pictures of him today (yes, I've sunk to his level and started taking pictures):