27 October 2010

Slipper Confusion

The slipper pattern I use quite frequently is a little confusing if you've never made them before. I've been asked many times about what to do after chaining 11. Hopefully the pictures I'm posting here will help out with that.
Here is where we are making the 12 rounds prior to what we'll call part 2 that starts with the ch 11:

Here we have started part 2 by chaining 11.

Here you can see where I am doing 10 sc down the first side of the chains:

After doing 10sc down the first side of the chains, do 25 sc around to the other side of the chains:

(At this point, you will have 35 sc)
Do 10 sc up the back side of the chains for a total of 45 sc to work on:

At the end of that row, chain1 and work the remainder of the 9 rows in the back loops. The following 3 photos show you how it looks after working the first 3 rows in part 2:

The next 3 photos show you what the slipper looks like after doing 9 rows in part 2:

The last 3 rows are decrease rows. These rows add the heel to the slipper. These stitches are also done in the back loops but for the decrease stitches and the sc in between them, I don't worry about doing them in the back loops--I use all the loops. Here are some pictures with all the rows done. You can see that the back is now rounded into a heel:

The next 2 pictures show you a completed slipper:

If anyone has any questions just drop me a line and I'll do my best to help you. I think the big problem with making these slippers the first time is visualizing them. After the first pair it's a piece of cake--I promise!

Hugs to all,

WIP Wednesday

Here's what I'm up to right now.  I do have more irons in the fire but this is my fastest project.
This two-toned blue item will turn into slippers when completed.  Can you see the twister seal? I use it for for a stitch marker! Here is another pair of slippers from the same pattern that I finished this week:

For these slippers I used a strand of pink and a strand of lavender yarns. I just love mixing up colors and seeing how they turn out.  Here's a link to the pattern I used-- http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/slisoc.html

Search Amazon.com for crochet slipper patterns