26 February 2011

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Looking forward to going in the morning but I know I'll look forward to coming home too.

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Change of "To-Go" Project

Change of plans. My printer wouldn't print when I tried to print the pattern to take with me. I kept getting an error message for a paper jam. I did all the troubleshooting steps HP recommends, but no luck. So, I went to the laptop that has a small, el cheapo basic printer to use and I was going to print with it. PDF files won't open on the laptop! GRRRRRR. When I come home it will be time to do some additional troubleshooting. So, I dug in my stash of patterns and found this scarf:

In this book:

It isn't something fancy but it will be something to occupy my hands on the flights. I have a pretty variegated yarn that I will be using. For some reason, I don't expect my colors to line up like the ones in the book do. Hope everyone's weekend is going well.

Day Before I Leave Chaos

Tomorrow morning I'm leeeeaving, on a jet plane (kinda like the old song). Anyway, since dh isn't going it's a bit hectic. Yesterday I went to the commissary and picked up all sorts of his favorite, frozen dinners like Hungry Man tv dinners, salisbury steak entree, small packs of instant mashed potatoes and that sort of thing. He's really a junk food fiend when I'm not here. My packables are laid out on the spare bed, ready to go in the suitcase. It's cold here but warm there so I'll have to probably wear my winter coat to the airport and leave it in the car. To-Go project is decided on and supplies to do it are ready to go. Paperback is bought to read myself to sleep as is my habit.

I get nervous when I leave dh and the little chis. Usually dh is able to make a quick trip home at lunch time to let the chis out to do their business. They are such spoiled little guys I really believe they get lonely when they're home alone. I picked up some special treats for them yesterday too. I got them some of those bacon-looking treats and we break them up into 4 pieces. I'm catching up on a little laundry. I want dh to finish the taxes so I can take the laptop with me but I don't know if that will be happening. I will be doing some computer teaching with my uncle. He's going online (I hope).

Son brought over some pictures to give the uncle to show him the renovation work he's doing on his home. I used Picasa and made a slide show/video with the pictures and set them to music. Can't post video online because the music is copyrighted and we know that is a "no-no." Anyway, I put this picture of him as a toddler and captioned the picture with "Come see what I did." He was such a cutie then and I think he's a handsome man now but he's very modest--really odd for a young man (his modesty not him lol).

I better get back to work. Maybe I can fit everything into 2 carry-ons.  Hmmm, it's worth a try...