24 February 2013

Quick Post

I just saw this and had to share it with you. Enjoy!

My Vacation Project

I didn't do too much crocheting on vacation except for weaving in loose ends on some slippers I was gifting and making a few dishcloths at a friend's house and on the plane. Here's the dishcloths I finished--

The yarn I used is I Love this Cotton! from Hobby Lobby. This pattern is my favorite for dishcloths and it's a go-to pattern when I just need something quick and easy. Dishcloths are always a welcome gift for just about anyone so it isn't too easy to keep a stockpile of them in the gift drawer. 

Now that I'm home, I'm finding it hard to get into a project. I have 3 afghans started that are languishing away in my "yarn warehouse" room. I need to get my crochet mojo back because I have promised to make an afghan for a friend. I think I'll just see which one I have the most work done on and finish that one for my friend.

Take care everyone!