21 November 2010

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Away From the Controversial and Back to Crochet Stuff:

Today's post is back to the comfortable subject of crochet. My mil was a kind and generous lady yesterday and brought me some crochet goodies from a thrift-type store. She found a bunch of granny squares that someone had started making. The squares came with extra yarn and 2 hooks--one still in the package. I feel pretty excited that she found these goodies for me because yarn and crochet items are very hard to find around here at thrift stores. Thank you Hannelore!!! Anyway, I have a gazillion things in the works and NOTHING is getting done! I have to get my act together because Christmas is on the way pretty darn quick. I start crocheting something then I see something else I want to make and I start new projects without finishing old. OK, here's the plan: Finish the super-sized granny square throw and make a few pairs of slippers; dishcloths are ok to work on but only as a "purse project" when I'm stuck waiting somewhere. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it (maybe).

I almost forgot--I have to finish the crate cover for my son and daughter-in-law's 2 fur babies! I'm just out of crochet-control!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...