16 March 2011

Hint, Hint...

I've been told that it is hard to buy presents for me. Let me tell you, that just isn't so! I'm a crocheter and as anyone who has a fiber addiction knows, yarn is always a welcome gift. Perhaps a few skeins/hanks/balls of a special yarn would be appreciated. Hey, even better, I have 3 yarns that are a staple in my stash and are always welcome. They're all Caron yarns in the 1 pound size. I try to keep white, off-white and black on hand. The dark blue is almost a staple too. Michaels has them as does Meijers or check out Amazon too. So you see, I'm not a difficult person to buy for. Perhaps you might like to pick out a more colorful yarn in the one pound size--GREAT! There is also a chance that whoever buys me yarn will get something made from it so you see, it's a win-win situation. Y'all have a great day.... :)

A UFO Has Become a WIP

You  may remember the squares in the following picture from last spring. One phase of the census job I was doing then was to be available in the basement of our city hall to hand out census forms to people who may have lost or not received any. Usually, no one came in so I crocheted all these squares and promptly put them aside until now. Soon, they will become an afghan! I laid them out on the bed in out guest room again and I am crocheting them together. I plan to add an edging and then voila I'll have a small afghan or throw for the chair in our living room! The yarn is all odds and ends from other projects in burgundies, grays and black.

I just added the wip Wednesday button to this post because I haven't anything else to share at the moment! Have a great day everyone. :)