01 January 2011

To Make a Resolution or Not?

I've been reading a lot of blog posts about making resolutions for the new year. Many have decided to try to do some great self-improvement things but other folks have said they're not going to make any because they always end up not following through. I'm going to make some and I will follow through. I don't intend to make a million bucks because that's too unrealistic--shucks. Here's the plan:

  • Be friendlier on my blog. I have to force myself to put a little life in here because I'm a depressed sort of person kinda afraid of getting close to many people because of things that happened in the past.
  • Write for 5 hours a week. I've always wanted to write a book. My college advisor, a librarian and library science professor, liked my senior thesis so well, she had advised me to expand on it and write a book. Who would have thought that a couple years later a book would come out on the same topic that I would have written about. Anyway, I think I will write fiction this time around.
  • Expand my crochet horizons and use a different pattern to crochet a round(ish) afghan. I've picked it out and even have the yarn for it but have to finish up a few other things first. 
  • Organize my "yarn warehouse" aka spare bedroom. I'm too embarrassed to show you a picture of it but I will take a "before" picture and post it when I complete this goal. If you like, you can pester me every now and then about my progress. I will work 30 minutes a day on weekdays. ;)
  • Continue to keep a box and fill it with donation items. I tend to slack off with this and I need to keep it up because it would be so easy for me to be a hoarder. Lost everything twice in my life and tend to overstock and not throw out/get rid of  "things."
  • Follow-through with my VA disability case. Even my VA counselor thinks I should do it (and encourages me) but I'm kind of afraid of rejection so I just don't do things for myself--totally unlike the young me who could stand up to anyone and put in her 2 cents worth.
That's it for now. I know it doesn't seem like a lot but if I overwhelm myself, I would throw in the towel and not accomplish anything.

Best wishes for a "Happy New Year" for all with prosperity, love and most importantly universal peace.