06 December 2014

Working on Our Southern Nest...

We just about have our winter digs furnished with auction, yard sale and thrift store finds. The other day hubby brought home a cute Lane cedar chest. It had an upholstered top in horrible shape. The upholstery wasn't the original and looked as if the previous owners had used a bed sheet to cover it.

I forgot to take a photo before we ripped this off.

The original upholstery must have been beautiful but it was all stained and nasty.

I bought this upholstery fabric at Joann's and it is a pretty, spring-like green.

My work table is also a makeshift ironing board.

Hubby fired up the compressor and I was able to use the stapler that goes with it and it was a breeze attaching the upholstery.

And here's the finished project. Space is rather limited so this is about the best shot I could get of it.

Hubby has been working on his own project--redoing the main bathroom. Actually, he has just finished the demolition phase and is getting ready to start the redo.

That's it for now folks.