13 April 2011

WIP Wednesday 13 April 2011

There is less than an hour left to Wednesday and I'm finally remembering to get my WIP Wednesday post done.

I'm still working on my granny square afghan. I'm making 20 large granny squares. Sixteen of them will be 12 rounds each. The other 4 squares will be 4 small squares of 6 rounds each joined together to form a larger square. I need to make 2 more gold and 2  more purple squares. Tonight I was playing around trying to figure out how I'm going to place them. This is what I came up with:

The m is for the 4-in-1 multi-square, the p is purple and the g is gold. I have to figure out an edging yet. What I think I will do is treat the afghan as one granny square and do the granny thing around it for a few rounds and finish it off with a shell edging.

Here are what the squares look like except the purple looks like royal blue in this picture:

Maybe I'll have a finished afghan next Wednesday...


What are your thoughts? Your opinions are important to me so if you think I am right on or off my rocker let me know.