28 March 2016

The Snowbird Master Bath is Finished!

Yep, the title is correct--husband has finished the master bathroom redo! Remember the ugly, outdated and dilapidated old bathroom?

Here's the new look moving in a clockwise direction--

There was limited room for a couple of towel bars so we decided to go with hooks that hubby mounted on a board with the edges routered.

Floor is linoleum but it has a nice, rustic wood look to it.

Shower view 1

Shower view 2

This is a very deep linen cupboard (almost 30"). Under it is room for a hamper

Mirror over vanity.

Wanted a secure mirror so mounted directly to wall with a couple screws and anchors. Unfortunately, the screws were ugly. What we came up with was a couple gold buttons with their shanks removed and then glued over the screws! Pretty classy look to it.


Medicine chest

You know what this is :)

New door.

This is it for now. Time to take it easy until next winter's projects. Thanks for stopping in.



Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (28 March 2016)

Today's link is to a book of vintage potholder patterns. I like the vintage look--brings back the feelings of my childhood, family and happy days. Here's the link. Hope you enjoy this.

Happy hookings!


Potholder patterns for sale

20 March 2016

Status Update on Bedroom

In one day, hubby and his buddy laid a new subfloor in the bedroom--

and installed the flooring. For the flooring, we went with linoleum. I know, linoleum isn't the normal choice for bedroom floors. This is a snowbird/vacation home where cost and ease of care are the top concerns. I chose a linoleum product with the look of aged hardwood. I think it looks great and a bravo zulu to the installers!

Hubby is at the store getting some new baseboards. Things are really coming along and the bedroom and master bath should be done before we head north next month (fingers crossed).

This is all I have for today. I have finished more dishcloths from a new-to-me pattern but I will save those for another day.

Take care everyone!


18 March 2016

Free Crochet Ebook

Thought I'd share the link on where to get a free crochet ebook. Be sure to double check the price before you check out because the price is free for a limited time and I have no idea of how long that will be. On some affiliate links I do receive a few pennies if someone purchases something but I since these are free items I just wanted to share the freebies to be nice. Anyway, here we go--


 And here are 2 adult coloring books for free too!



It's always great to get something for free. Hope you enjoy these freebies.



Hubby has been working hard on the bedroom/bathroom redo. Here are a few updated pictures:

 Hard at work cutting in the new paint

Old carpet gone!

Water to the sink

1/2 wall repaired and primed, ready for paint

Bedroom walls painted and carpet tack strips being removed

Okay, I have some crochet projects to show you but unfortunately I haven't anything "different" to show you too. Here we go


This is all I have for now now folks. I am sending happy wishes to all of you.


13 March 2016

More Progress on the Bathroom...

Catching you up with the progress on the bathroom remodel that hubby is doing.  When I thought about redoing the bathroom, I thought it would be a simple job because of the small size. Ha! To do it right, lots of "stuff" needs to be done. New subfloors before flooring is put in, new drywall because the old was trashed and since the drywall was down, might as well put new insulation in too. There were some manufacture things that seemed wrong such as the toilet plumbing would not allow the toilet to be centered under the window--you'll see this in one of the pictures below. Okay, here's the pics:

Vanity with new light. Plumbing needs to be connected. Painting is done

Shower. Linen closet will be installed to your right.

Here you can see the new toilet. If it was centered, lots of work would need to be done rerouting pipes under the trailor.

Another view of vanity. We need to put handles and knobs on drawers and doors.

Light fixture above sink. Mirror will go under light.

"Studs" marked for medicine cabinet install.

As you can see, lots has been done but there is still quite a bit of odds and ends to do. The color is a peach-like color. I had thought it was going to be a blush-looking color but it turned out quite a bit darker. I seem to have a problem with pinkish, coral or orangey colors and I always get them darker than I like. In Kentucky, I ended up with what I thought was going to be a soft pink but ended up being  a cotton candy pink. Oh well, one of these days I'll get it right. 

Y'all take care and thanks for stopping in.


11 March 2016

Shawl Completed and Dishcloths Too

In a previous post, I lied about being over my dishcloth obsession. Not true. However, I did finish the shawl I had just started when writing that post. Here's a gander at the finished stuff:

Pattern I'm adapting from a few others. Not quite happy with it yet.

 This turned out a bit wonky so I need to practice more on it. Pattern

Pattern for above 2 dishcloths

Pattern is the same as above, just omit the final round.

And now for the shawl:

I made the shawl longer because I'm on the tall size at 5'9". I think this shawl will be great with jeans during chilly days.

10 March 2016

Work Progress on Bathroom and Bedroom

Lots of work has been happening on the master bedroom and bathroom. Finally, the bathroom vanity is out of the living room but 2 chests of drawers have moved in. Here's some pictures--

New drywall on walls in master bedroom

New door on closet and drywall and mudding on wall done.

Bathroom--all mudded and needs sanding:

Much more work was done by this afternoon:


A bit of miscalculation making the 1/2 wall and a bit of deconstruction took place when installing the vanity.

Vanity is being installed. This is a beautiful vanity that we were fortunate to get second hand. It is in primo condition!

And the spot for the commode. I really like the linoleum in here. It looks great, it's cheap and easy to care for in a vacation/snowbird home.

That's it for now. Things are shaping up and I hope to be able to share the finished project with you soon.