18 August 2010

Elementary Statistics My Dears...

My daughter-in-law's 6th grade granddaughter called for homework help and I'm not quite up to snuff on statistic problems...you know--mode, median, range, stem and leaf plots--all that sort of thing. I had to look up help on the Internet! The basic problems she had to do came back to me after review but geez, I was totally lost for a while there and I had a college statistic course (a requirement for a BA in history)!  Here's a video from Youtube that may help you if you're confused (like me).  A bit more elementary video is found here but it does not allow embedding to other sites.  Have fun y'all...!!!!
Oh yeah, before I forget to mention:  Math Playground is a great site to go to for homework help. Nope, they're not paying me to mention this; I have used it with great results before helping tutor this young lady a year ago.

Search Amazon.com for statistics

Great Song...

There is a ton of controversy about building a mosque near Ground Zero. We need to remember that our country has been built on a foundation of religious tolerance. It wasn't Islam that caused such tragedy to happen on 9-11 but rather some warped, fanatics twisting the religious tenents of Islam for their actions. Christianity has its shames too--child molestation, the Crusades and lets not forget when the Americas were newly visited by Europeans whose mission was for God, gold and glory and resulted in the enslaving and death of many natives. So, "Remember who we are!"

And here is a news story that shows a little glimpse at how individuals on both sides of the story feel about this issue.