25 March 2009

Lapghan for Charity--Finished!

I'm finally getting some projects completed so I can post them. Here for your enjoyment is a completed lapghan made by using "magic ball" yarn with another strand (I used black) and basically double crocheting it the desired size. I got the idea from this blog. I liked the idea of using my little "leftover") yarn balls. I think it is better than using the granny square technique because granny squares are (for me) a tedious process of weaving and sewing after the squares are made. UPDATE: My round ripple afghan has only 4 more rounds to go! I hope to have it completed and a picture posted soon. Hugs to all...

Slippers For Friend--Complete!

A dear friend of mine will be having an operation soon. Like so many of us would, she wanted a decent robe and maybe jammies and slippers to take with her. I made these slippers and popped them in the mail to her the other day. She should have them today so I think I'm safe posting a pic of them. The black yarn I used is Caron Pounder and the bright coral (no it's really not pink) is a vintage yarn that I picked up somewhere. The pattern I used is a favorite that you can check my blog and see that I've made many, many times. Here's the pattern.