17 June 2008

6-17-2008 Money Saving Tip for Pet Owners

Money Saving Tip--For those of you who have dogs, you know that we are in the midst of "flea season." If you have multiple dogs, you know how expensive it is to buy flea control products for all of them. I started reading the label and looked up the amount and strength of the product I was using and then compared it to the same product for larger dogs. I have been able to buy the same brand product for a much larger sized dog and by measuring it out with an old syringe I had for dispensing kids' medicine I am able to buy only 1 dose and use it for all 3 of my fur babies! That's a substantial savings. Yes, those are my fur babies at the top of this post. Nellie is wearing her "Easter outfit," Opi is kickin' back in a lawn chair and Barney is enjoying the sun in the backyard.