07 March 2013

Bloopers and Kindle Books

I love reading free books on my Kindle. Unfortunately, editing is obviously not a top priority with many authors of these freebies. I'm reading what I consider to be an excellent story but suddenly, I come to the first noticeable blooper.  "Every day he ordered a plate piled high with rubbery Salisbury Steak and lumpy mashed potatoes drowning in gravy. It was hot, it was fast and it was cheap, but it was barely editable." My newspaper is barely edible too.

Today is my birthday--a big, whopping 56. Hubby got me a tint job for the windows in my car to keep me cool (in more than 1 way) this summer.  Time to go now and snuggle up with the chi babies on the couch. Have a great night everyone.

Hugs to all,