08 August 2012

What to Do???

I only have a few ends to weave in on the baby blanket I'm making. After sizing up my stash the other day (instead of downsizing like I promised myself) I'm self-debating about my next project. I've been considering making a sweater for me. Yes, a WEARABLE and for ME!!! I have another afghan I want to make for a friend but it's on hold for now. This pale green yarn with some flecks in it is just begging to be made into a sweater for me. I haven't made anything for myself in a long time so maybe it is about time to do that. Here's a couple patterns I'm debating over and let me know if you have made either of these--

 Robyn Chachula, “Ridge Swing Cardigan,” Interweave Crochet, FALL 2008, 14-17

New Crochet Basics 12 Designs for Beginners (Little Rock: Leisure Arts, n.d.), 14,27-28.

A beautiful woman appeals to the eye;
a good woman appeals to the heart.
One is a jewel; the other, a treasure.
--Napoleon Bonapart

How to Blow the Budget

It is possible to blow the budget by stopping in at Walmart and seeing that there is some activity going on over by the yarn. Many skeins have a discounted price sticker and if you happen to scan it under a price checker an even more discounted price shows up! I went pretty CRAZY! Here's the skein price for what I got:

  • Pound of Love $4.50
  • Red Heart Super Saver $1.50
  • Caron Simply Soft for $2.00
  • Red Heart SS without labels $1.00
I couldn't resist! I do believe that I am going to make something for myself out of some of this yarn. Maybe I'll even tackle a simple sweater! Stay tuned 'cause you never know what this flaky lady will be up to next!