18 November 2019

She Shed Update for 18 November 2019

I have been promising you an update on the she shed's progress and here it is. It isn't going too fast but then that's okay because I really don't care to move into it in the winter months.  although, I will be using a space heater to heat it when I am moved in. I have to stop myself from shopping for things for it because I intend to repurpose things from the house but shopping is so much fun! 😃 Since I took the video the other day, the drywall has been partially installed. Enjoy the video....

Best wishes for all...


09 November 2019

Hard to Believe - I Finished a Crochet Project!

I know it's a small project but it is completed. My crochet mojo is back!
I made the Easy Seamlessly Baby Hat pattern by Sandra La Madeleine. The designer kindly provides the pattern for free on Ravelry.

I used some left over teal yarn that I had. I made this for a soon to be born little boy. I made it in the 3 - 6 months size because the little guy is expected to be born, next month, as a not too little baby boy. 😊 I need to wash this and soften it up because the yarn feels a bit scratchy to me and that will not do for a baby.

Here's a picture so you can see it.