18 November 2010

Free Crochet Pattern 18 Nov. 2010

The following pattern is in the open-domain and is available for use without copyright restrictions. The foundation is knitted but I think some clever crocheter could come up with a way to use the more common chain foundation. :) Enjoy folks...

Wristers or Pulse-Warmers

Wristers or Pulse-WarmersWristers or Pulse-Warmers
Wristers or pulse-warmers, are very comfortable on a cold day, and those described particularly so, as they fill the sleeve and completely exclude the wind. Using knitting-worsted, or yarn of any desired size or quality with needles to correspond, such as would be employed for a man's knitted sock, cast 18 to 22 stitches on each of 3 needles, and knit 2, purl 2, alternately, for 35 rows or more, according to length required. Bind off loosely.
With bone crochet-hook work in straight rows from top to bottom, putting a treble in every other stitch and 2 chain-stitches between trebles; after the last treble at the edge chain 2, miss a row and return on the next.
Having completed the rows of spaces, make 2 trebles in 1st space, 3 in next, and repeat, working back and forth until all the spaces are filled. A very attractive finish is to work a row of doubles in color, making a double in each treble. With fine wool, crochet-silk may be prettily used for this finish.
A fringed wrister may be made on the foundation described by holding a pencil on lengthwise with the left hand, and with the right sewing over and over it; make the rows quite close together, cut the wound yarn open with a pair of sharp scissors, and brush lightly across it, back and forth, until the cut ends become "mossy" or fluffed up.

Whoo Hoo--I Won a Give-Away!

I won a beautiful cross-stitched Christmas picture. It is so pretty. It was done by Paula of Crochet & Cross Stitch Pattern Slut. Go on over and take a peek at her blog it's great. Thank you Paula!

And We Were Off to the Veterinarian's Clinic Again

My 2 chis, Opi and Nellie Belle have problems with allergies. Nellie was scratching quite a bit and Opi was too but he really tore his skin up. The vet checked for fleas because that's a common cause for skin allergies but neither of them have fleas. Both little ones ended up getting steroid shots and Opi is on antibiotics too. Here's a picture of them ready to go to the vet's.

Don't they look like they're saying, "Please don't take us for shots Mommy. We'll be good"?