04 October 2015

Letting You Know...

I just want to let you know that I found a good sale on yarn at Walmart today. The skeins of yarn in this pile were $1.50 each except for the 2 in the front which were $2.50 each for Homespun and Hometown USA. As you can see, I grabbed a pile of yarn I don't need (right at this moment) to put in my hoard stash.

There might be some bargains left at your Walmart. Selection was pretty slim at the Walmart by us so you might want to hurry if you plan to check it out.

We're gearing up to go back to Florida next month. We have a really great neighbor down there and he  knows home renovation. He is installing the laminate flooring in the kitchen for us. He has torn out and replaced the kitchen drywall and has also installed 2 extra electric outlets where the counters will be. That will be handy with the 2 coffee pots on the counter; I'm not supposed to drink regular coffee and hubby can't stand decaf. Oh, and the old flimsy cabinets are out too so we'll have to bargain shop for some cabinets when we get back down there next month. I figure we can make do with electric skillet, microwave, crock pot and grill for a while and wash dishes in the spare bathroom. To be honest, I loved not having a bunch of "stuff" last winter. Life was a heck of a lot simpler and less stressful.Being a snowbird is great!

I have decided to put off starting my graphghan until after we migrate. Too much planning,organizing and thinking going on right now. I've been slowing "packing" things to take down with us. I might be just a little bit excited about going there. Except for my sons and husband, I don't have any family here so it is great to be by a couple uncles, an aunt and bunches of cousins when we're in Florida. I actually saw most of them only a couple times last winter except for one uncle who lives on his own down there we happily saw quite a bit.

I'm rambling on and on here so it is time for me to sign off.