31 August 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (31 August 2015)

I like short-sleeved sweaters to wear over sleeveless dresses. They add stylishness and take a simple dress and give it a new look. Today's pattern is from Red Heart It's a vintage pattern and it has been redone for today's woman in additional sizes.

Have fun and keep on crocheting.


Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

29 August 2015

Shades of Blue Hat from Leftovers

Here is a hat made from one of my favorite patterns--Rubylene. I had quite a bit of yarn left over from other projects so I decided to make this. It is a cinch to adapt this to a slouch hat by adding additional shell rows. No problem to work one of these up in an evening either.

One of these days I'm going to learn some photography tricks. Seems like when I was taking these pictures yesterday morning, I was either getting shadows as is seen in these pics or shadows of ME. I promise to keep practicing. :)

Take care everyone.

28 August 2015

Shades of Blue Chevron Scarf

Here's a scarf to go with the hat that I made for a Christmas gift. I used worsted weight yarn but  I've made this scarf before in homespun and it is a wide scarf that is nice to wear in the house to ward off the chill and not have to turn the heat up. The pattern is here.

Signs of fall are in the air. A few leaves have fallen from the tree. It is getting dark much earlier too. Soon, winter coats will be coming out and snowbirds will be migrating south. I made a sweater for my son's furbaby and I hope to see him soon to try the sweater on the little one. I still need to sew a few buttons on it. I would like to get a picture of the little guy wearing the sweater to post for you.  I used leftover yarn from this scarf to make it. I need to make an effort to go visit him soon. He's such a busy man, not only is he busy because of work and family but he is always doing missions around town with his church.

I can see my tendency to ramble on is starting to kick in so I'll bid you adieu for now.


Crochet Chevron and Ripple Afghans

24 August 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (24 August 2015)

Today's pattern is from Annie's Craft Store. You must be a member to download their free patterns. This is a cute dog sweater that will look great on your furry child this winter. It has sizes xs to xl so should work for most of our furry friends. I had never seen this pattern before so I put a link to it on the page of doggy patterns I have. My Nellie doesn't need any sweaters because we winter in a warmer climate in our shabby chic winter mobile abode.

Enjoy this pattern and have a wonderful week.


20 August 2015

Hat Has Been Frogged and Recrocheted

If you look at the post I made before this one, you will see the problem I had when I made a hat without checking my gauge. It was huge! I down-sized my hook by one size and the gauge worked out fine. Here is the new, and improved version.

Unfortunately, this is not a free pattern. It came out of a Crochet! Magazine.

Citation: Mann, Sharon. "Double Your Pleasure Hat." Crochet! Magazine Presents: Crochet For a Quiet Evening, October 1, 2013, 54-55 and 132-133.

This is all I have for now so see you later gator.


19 August 2015

Should Have Checked My Gauge

An example of why checking gauge is important. This is a ladies size medium. The project after this is call frogging....

Enough said.


18 August 2015

This Ol' Gal Learned a New Trick

I am a 58 year old woman and I feel really dumb after watching this video. I admit it, I am not smarter than a roll of foil and plastic wrap. This is a short video and offers a great hint on how to easily get a piece of plastic wrap off the roll without shouting mumbling naughty words at it.

Take care everyone!


17 August 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (17 August 2015)

Today's link is to a cute pattern for dressing up your 4 legged,fur baby. This pattern comes in 4 sizes so this will work for many different pets. I like the lacy look of this one. 

Have a great week!


10 August 2015

A Couple More Dishcloths

I've been in a dishcloth making mood lately. My dear daughter-in-law mentioned that she liked some of the dishcloths I've made her in the past. She was planning to use them as doilies. So, I decided to try a couple different dishcloth patterns and give them to her. 

The first dishcloth is called "Frilly Dishcloth." When I was looking it up again, I found it is listed in more than one place on the Internet. Here are 2 links for it:

  1. http://inkyrat.typepad.com/files/frillydishclothdoily-1.pdf
  2. http://web.archive.org/web/20071113032718/http://www.geocities.com/crochetrat/frillydishcloth.html

Just several minutes ago I finished the 2nd dishcloth. This one is a bit more detailed to make. The pattern, Buttercup Dishcloth, is a bit confusing because there is little repetition in the last few rows and I ended up writing them out and crossing out the sets of stiches as I did them. It is a pretty dishcloth though but in normal situations I probably won't make it just to wash dishes and counters with.

Pattern citation:
Davis De Herraiz, Elisabeth. "Buttercup Dishcloth." Crochet World, June 2015, 10-11.

I'm packing these away to give to my dil as part of her Christmas present this year. She doesn't read my blog so I don't have to worry about her finding out. SSSSHHHHH don't tell her though!

And this is all I have for today. Take care....


07 August 2015

What I Worked on Watching the Republican Candidates Debate

Last night, I watched the Republican Presidential Candidates debate. I don't know why I bother because Kentucky does their primary very late in the game and sometimes there is only 1 candidate left to vote for in the primary. Anywho, I want to keep this blog mostly free from politics, unlike my facebook page that is largely political. On with my crochet projects.

I finished a lapghan out of odds and ends of purplish yarn. This is another one for donation to the veterans when the veterans' home opens here later this year or early next. I'm in deep like with the colors in this one. There are 36 solid grannies of 6 rounds.

After finishing up the lapghan, I made a dishcloth. This pattern  is a new one to me and it was very simple. I have some family and friends who like the lacy-like dishcloths to use as doilies. The pattern for this is "Hearts Go Round."

After finishing the dishcloth, I started, are you ready for this?-- A pair of slippers from the usual pattern I use. My stash for gifts is very low--only 1 pair in ladies size.

I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for visiting here.


06 August 2015

Beautiful Swimming Routine

I remember this song so very well. When I was a teenager, we would sing it at "guitar" mass. Music brought me back to the good old days. I thought you might enjoy this video too so I'm sharing it.


Have a great day my friends.


Stairway to Heaven is on Led Zeppelin's Mothership

03 August 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (03 August 2015)

This week's link is to a tutorial to crochet a circular rug. Do you have some old sheets you don't know what to do with? Have you seen sheets with pretty colors at the thrift store for a mere pittance? Here's a project that will make a cute rug and at the same time repurpose old sheets.

Enjoy folks!