15 May 2017

My Version of the Holiday Place Mat

I've been in a crocheting slump lately and as a result I have made many granny squares out of odds and ends of leftovers. One day, I started going through some old magazines and found a pattern for a round placemat. I didn't have dk weight yarn that the pattern required but I did have some other worsted weight cotton yarn of various brands. So, I used 2 balls of the purple and 1 skein of the multicolored. There wasn't enough of either color to make the final round so I used some plain white I had on hand. Here's the pic--

I am very happy with how it turned out. I think I will put it on my dining room table soon. It is more of a large doily than a placemat because of the yarn substitution. I am assembling an afghan out of granny squares on the table so I need to get it all put together so I can have my table back. Here's the bibliographic information for this pattern:

Langtange, Anna. "Home for the Holidays Holiday PlaceMat." Crochet World, December 2013, 34-35.

Hope you all are doing ok. The weather here is summery and it feels great to be finished with the cold for a while. Take care everyone.