11 April 2010

Crab Apple Tree for Barney

I love flowers and I'm getting more and more away from annuals and into flowering bushes, trees and perennials. This is what we planted in memory of Barney.  Here are a couple pics.

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A Cute Round Ripple Baby/Toddler Blanket is Finished!

On the 9th, my entry showed a partial view of one of my wips (work in progress) and I said that I'd let you guess what it is.  No one guessed but I'll show you the completed item anyway.  It is a round ripple blanket almost 48" point to point.  It is a good size to wrap a baby in or cover a toddler up with.  I made this for a baby, gender unknown.  I fussed over the choice of a color to coordinate with the off-white.  I think this should do nicely--not too girlie or too boyish.  Here it is:

And here is a closer look at the edging: