27 April 2011

Sweet Potato Vine Growing Fast

The sweet potato vine I've started has outgrown the mason jar it was in:

It looks kind of alienish...

After pulling it out of the jar, the root system looked kind of like spider webs:

Hey look, there are signs of a leaf or 2!

New home:

We've had enough rain lately to float Noah's ark again. The question for the day is "when is enough rain enough?"


  1. I knew if I prayed that God would make it grow better for ya, hee hee. Looks great too.

  2. Wow that is one wicked potatoe lol Its cook that the leaves are starting to appear. I think it is gonna be so pretty and full and green. I hear ya on when is rain too much rain out of all the rain we have had the news said the other day we are still in a drought. Hope your having a good week :o)


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