26 October 2012

7 More Pairs of Slippers

It's me again. Lots still going on. I'm still going to a lot of appointments for me and family members. I had bullied my mil into having her 1st colonoscopy and it ended up abnormal--she had some precancerous polyps removed and then had to go to the University of Louisville Hospital to see a "specialist's specialist" as she refers to him. She had some other "spots" removed and will have to go back from time to time to have other exams and procedures done. These spots are viral and not cancer.

My son had a growth on the top of his head. It resembled a flesh colored gumball. We took him to have it removed and the Lord was looking out for our family again it wasn't cancerous. My son's primary care practitioner had us very worried because she said it looked cancerous.

I've had more appointments than I care to count lately. I had a bone density test done and my bones are porous--not quite osteoporosis, but osteopenia.  My bones are 25% less dense than a young person. I'd been taking calcium prescribed by my primary care provider but after a visit to a dietitian  I learned that I should be taking a chewable calcium citrate and NOT calcium carbonate as prescribed. For women who have had gastric bypass surgery, please take calcium and make sure it is the correct type of calcium! This week, I finished having the 2nd root canal in 2 months (a total of 4 in the last 2 years) and my dental problems are likely due to not taking the correct calcium. I need to get permanent fillings in the teeth that have had root canals and crowns on them too so I still have more dental work to be done. For all middle-age women, it is a good idea to check with your doctor about calcium supplements.

I'm also going to doctors for my VA disability. Out of pride, I didn't pursue it for many years and now that I'm older and my service connected health issues are well, I guess you can say becoming issues I'm pursuing care for them. More on this on some later date.

Here are 7 more pairs of slippers I made this month. I'm using up odds and ends of left over yarn and single skeins I have on hand. Here they are:

Edited to add pattern link.

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