30 June 2014

I'm Still Here...

I know I haven't posted lately but life has been a bit chaotic. We decided not to buy the Florida townhouse. I loved it but because it has a flat roof, the insurance was going to cost up to 150% more than a comparable home with a traditional roof. Since the plan is to ultimately move down there when I'm eligible for Social Security, we're just getting a manufactured home in a 55 and older community and taking what would have been a down payment for a townhouse and pay cash for a manufactured home. That way, we can save more money, and easily sell it or rent it when time comes to permanently move down there. When that time comes, we'll sell out here in Kentucky and buy a house down there. Hopefully by downsizing, we won't end up with a mortgage. We're headed for Florida sometime next month to do a quick move in and maybe paint some walls and that sort of thing. We had a home inspection done and it was in very good shape although needs a little tlc to make it pretty.

I have accomplished a few crochet projects and I have an afghan in the works. Here is an afghan that was supposed to be for a baby but I got a little carried away with the size.

No pattern, I just graphed it out on graph paper to use a variety of sizes of traditional granny squares.

Here are a few more dishcloths that I made from a pattern found in the Leisure Arts book Dishcloths (12 Designs).  This is pattern #8 by Barbara Clark. I picked this book up at WalMart and I think (not sure) that it is one of those Walmart exclusive things. 

I love this dishcloth pattern so much, that I am using it as the basis for the afghan I am making for our Florida place. Here's a little glimpse at it.

The green is a mills end that I picked up at Joanns in Tavares, Florida earlier this year. The red and white are Red Heart Super Saver. This afghan is a bit slow going because it is made completely of single crochets. Not sure how big it's going to be--all depends on how long the yarn lasts.

Take care everyone! Hope you are enjoying your summer.