18 November 2019

She Shed Update for 18 November 2019

I have been promising you an update on the she shed's progress and here it is. It isn't going too fast but then that's okay because I really don't care to move into it in the winter months.  although, I will be using a space heater to heat it when I am moved in. I have to stop myself from shopping for things for it because I intend to repurpose things from the house but shopping is so much fun! 😃 Since I took the video the other day, the drywall has been partially installed. Enjoy the video....

Best wishes for all...


09 November 2019

Hard to Believe - I Finished a Crochet Project!

I know it's a small project but it is completed. My crochet mojo is back!
I made the Easy Seamlessly Baby Hat pattern by Sandra La Madeleine. The designer kindly provides the pattern for free on Ravelry.

I used some left over teal yarn that I had. I made this for a soon to be born little boy. I made it in the 3 - 6 months size because the little guy is expected to be born, next month, as a not too little baby boy. 😊 I need to wash this and soften it up because the yarn feels a bit scratchy to me and that will not do for a baby.

Here's a picture so you can see it.

07 October 2019

Monday's Good Stuff (07 October 2019)

Hello Everyone,

There is still enough time to do some Christmas crocheting. I found an adorable pattern for an elf. This pattern comes to us from the Amidorable Blog. The completed project would look nice sitting on a shelf or fireplace mantle during the holidays. I haven't gotten in the Christmas spirit the last few years so I am hoping that this year I will find the spirit and do some decorating and baking. I did a bit of Christmas shopping online last night so there might be hope for me yet. 😉

Have a great week.



02 October 2019

Old Crochet Pattern for Dress from 1932

I know, I know, I have become negligent about posting here. I really am trying to get my act together and share things with you. I have an update on the she shed that I will be posting soon. For now, I thought you might enjoy seeing this crochet pattern that was posted in a newspaper. It must have have been nice to get nice crochet patterns in the newspaper. OK, I'm rambling so I will stop and  share the pattern.😊

How to make a fishnet dress (1932)How to make a fishnet dress (1932) Sat, Aug 20, 1932 – 27 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) · Newspapers.com

07 August 2019

She Shed in Progress

Husband is getting tired of seeing yarn and crochet projects in the house. He wanted to get a storage space to move all my stuff to. Can you imagine how expensive that could become? My suggestion was to get a shed and turn it into a she shed and that's what we decided to do. This will not be a quick project. l will need to stash some money to finish it. The shed is 20' x 12' and contains 2 small loft areas.

Plans are to add electricity and finish the walls, ceiling and floor. We also plan to add 2 additional windows on the front. Husband has dug an 18" deep ditch from the house to the she shed to lay a pipe that contains the electrical wires in. We are upgrading the electrical on our house so "electrifying" the she shed is an add-on to that project. 

I am getting so excited about having a she shed. Maybe it goes back to being a kid and making "forts" and "club houses" out of boxes and blankets. Maybe I am going through my second childhood or something. That's ok because I am enjoying myself making plans. 😁 Before I get to babbling for a few more paragraphs, I will share a picture of my she shed on the lot I bought it at.

Stay tune for more updates.



05 August 2019

Monday's Good Stuff (05 August 2019)

Drops Design often has classy patterns for crochet. I think this poncho is super sweet. Normally, I think that ponchos have had their day but I think this one is very interesting and it is something that I would wear if I had the chance to make it. If anyone has made this, let me know what you think of the pattern.



More patterns for ponchos, some vintage, some retro too

29 July 2019

Monday's Good Stuff (29 July 2019)

Have you ever had chicken breasts that cooked up dry? It is drool worthy to smell the delicious aroma of chicken cooking on the grill but what a disappointment to bite into a chicken breast that is dry as sandpaper! We have the discovered the benefits of soaking the chicken in a brine before cooking.  The brined chicken breasts cook up very juicy and tasty.

Here's how we do it:

Whole Chicken (3- to 8-pound): Mix 2 quarts cold water with 1/2 cup table salt; brine 1 hour.

Bone-in Chicken Pieces (4 pounds): Mix 2 quarts cold water with ½ cup table salt; brine ½ to 1 hour.
Boneless, Skinless Chicken breasts (up to 6 breasts): Mix 1½ quarts cold water with 3 tablespoons table salt; brine ½ to 1 hour.
  • After brining is finished, do a quick rinse of the chicken pieces and bake or grill.
This makes delicious and juicy grilled or baked chicken. 

  • Do not brine longer than recommended or foods will become overly salty.
  • May add seasonings to the brine solution.
  • Brined chicken does not brown or get as crispy as unbrined chicked so not great for fried chicken if you like it crispy.
  • I have also used coarse Mediterranean salt and coarse kosher salt instead of table salt. You may have to stir a little longer to dissolve in water.

01 July 2019

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern

I love round afghans and there are many patterns available to crochet a variety of styles done in the round shape. If you look at this blog's header, I have a page full of these patterns. A new link I recently added to this page is for the Star Mandala Afghan. Check it out and let me know what you think. I always love to see how others make things and add their own special touches and colors.


Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend

13 May 2019

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (13 May 2019)

Today I was pondering how I could display some of my Barbie dolls and then the ol' brain took a side trip down Crochet Lane and I started looking up crochet patterns for Barbie and her friends. Today's link takes us to a pattern for a dapper outfit for Barbie's guy Ken. Check out the pattern and let me know what you think.

Barbie and Ken Cafe Set

Barbie and Ken Dolls

06 May 2019

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (06 May 2019)

I have a thing for shawls. I love the ease of putting one on and making them too. This link takes us to a cute shawl pattern that is on the casual side. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Here's the LINK.

Have a great week everyone and crochet on.


29 April 2019

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (29 April 2019)

I am in love with today's free pattern. It is for a hot pad shaped like a pineapple. It is gorgeous and very practical too. Okay, I won't keep you waiting... Here's the link.

If anyone makes one of these, send me a link to pictures of yours and I will share with the other readers.

Happy Hooking,


22 April 2019

Links Updated

It has been pointed out to me that several links are broken. I am not sure where the reader found the links but here are updates for them.

I am not sure if there is a way to bulk check the links in a blog, so I periodically spot check some of the links here. I am very appreciative if you find broken links and info me about them. 

Time for me to kickback with my hook and yarn. Have a great week everyone.


NOTE:  I found where the broken links were. They were from the page with pattern links so I went there and updated them on that page too.

21 April 2019

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (22 April 2019)

Hi everyone. I'm back with a link to a free crochet pattern. It is for a simple sweater. I am in the middle of one of these. This is the first time I am making one of these and it has been smooth sailing so far. I am almost finished with the front and back panels then I have the sleeves and a bit of sewing together. I haven't made any "real" wearables for myself before so I am very hopeful that this works out.

The pattern is called the Simple Crochet Sweater and is found on The Hooked on Homemade Happiness site. This site has many unique crochet patterns the owner generously shares for free.

Have a great week my friends and thank you for returning.


Cute Shawl to Warm the Shoulders

Hi everyone, I’m back like I promised. I will do my best to be upbeat from now on.

Ta da! I finished a shawl and now I can share it with you. It is done in a lovely variegated mossy green. I added a few extra rows to make it longer and edged it in a shell pattern instead of the edging called for in the pattern. I gave this to my daughter-in-law as a surprise. I think shawls are great on chilly evenings when you just need a little something to help you stay home watching television or perhaps going out.  Depending on the yarn used, these can be dressy or casual enough to wear with jeans.

Since I downloaded this pattern, it has disappeared from the regular net. A cached copy is available at:

This Link

I hope you enjoyed this.


09 April 2019

My Return to Blogger

I left you back in September 2017 when I took a trip to Germany with my mother-in-law. I promised to share some of the sites I saw with you. Unfortunately, this did not happen after I returned home that October.

A cousin of mine (once removed) passed away on Halloween 2017 shortly after I returned home. She lived in another state but we frequently talked. I won't say that this caused the funk I ended up being in but it contributed to it.

On November 12th of that same year, my father passed away. It was the day before what would have been his wedding anniversary with my mom and I like to say he was in a hurry to get back with her and her life in heaven. In essence, we had been estranged since he married my stepmother when I was 13. Yes, I lived with him but, he worked 3 to 11 and I only saw him briefly on weekends. As a child, I was a daddy's girl. I've always loved him and I always felt loved back, until he remarried not quite 10 months after my mother's death to an abusive woman. He turned a blind eye to what was going on and the older kids grew up and moved far away and contact was minimal and many years might pass without communication. I prayed that she would pass away first but this was not to be.

At the funeral home, pictures were on a monitor and on tables for people to look at. He was shown with his child with his 2nd wife, with her and friends of their daughter. No pictures or other indications were that he had 2 older children. We were included in the obit but so were pseudo relatives, 3 of his siblings were missing and his father's name was wrong. At the church, the 2 older children were excluded from escorting his remains to the altar but the pseudo relatives were included.

There was not a procession to the cemetery, but the grave side service was started before the 2 oldest children arrived there. I finally blew up at the end when everyone was leaving. No, I did not get physical but, my mouth went into overdrive when I let the wicked stepmother know that I felt she was malicious, a liar and vindictive. Many things that had been eating at me and eroding my mental health since I was almost 14 and at his funeral I was 60.  After all of this, I had some relief in knowing that I no longer had to claim her as family although, I have really had to put in some extra effort battling my chronic depression. So you may have noticed, I have not posted anything since before then. What you are not able to see is that I have not crocheted anything since then either. One of my favorite things in life did not motivate me. I made a few stitches a couple times but that's about it.

I am at the point that I believe I am moving on. I want to return to blog land on a more or less regular basis. Mainly this blog is for me and friends I make here are cherished bonuses.  I hope you will join me here as I share my crocheting and other things with you.

God bless all of you....