17 September 2015

A WWII Soldier Gives Back

 As a U.S. Army infantryman during World War II, Vern Farnham saw hard fighting from Marseilles, France, to Stuttgart, Germany.
Along the way, there were 190 days in the front lines with many nights spent shivering in wet or frozen foxholes, and always ferocious resistance from the retreating Germans.
Now, more than 70 years after the end of World War II, the 90-year-old Parrish resident continues to serve his fellow veterans by crocheting colorful afghans for patients at Bay Pines VA Healthcare System.
So far, he's made 425, all to show the vets that someone
cares about them, and bring them a little cheer.(To read more go here)

More Finished Crochet Projects

I'm starting to fall behind with posting my finished objects. Here are some more items for Christmas.

1. First up is a Rubylene Hat made into a slouchy hat. I love, love, LOVE this pattern. This is a hat for a woman/girl. It is easy to make and yet not boring. By modifying the row count, you can make a more traditional beanie or a slouch hat.

2. Next up for the ladies is a pair of slippers. These are made from my "usual" pattern. These slippers are made out of the same yarn as the above hat. There is still probably enough yarn left to make another hat if I wanted to.

3. Here's a hat for the ladies that is one of my favorite patterns to use. This time, I made it with the decorative bow the pattern calls for. In the past, I have put a flower with a button on the side for a different look. For some reason, with this pattern I have to upsize my hook by 1 size. A slight modification I made this time was after the final row, I slip stitched around the edge. It seemed to have give it a more finished, defined edge. I used Red Heart Shimmer yarn in turquoise and it is pretty and soft.

4. Finally, a project for a gentleman. This is made from the pattern A Crochet Seafarer's Cap. It took me a time or 2 making this pattern to like it. Now, it is one of my favorite patterns. This pattern is great for a more traditional cap for a man.

Still have a few Christmas gifts to make but I'm getting close to the end. The yarn I ordered for my graphghan has finally been shipped and should be here by the 19th. 

Best wishes,