26 April 2011

Why Businesses Are in Trouble...

Yesterday, I had a medical appointment at one of the veterans clinics in Louisville. When I have an appointment, I usually stop at Aldi on my way home because they have a good price on milk:

There is another store I like to stop at because they have a good grocery selection and they always have good sales and mark-downs. Yesterday, I was looking at grated cheese and it was "marked down." I was thinking about picking up a package:

Then I looked at the regular price:

The regular price was 34 cents less than the sale price. If you enlarge the photo with the yellow sale tag, you will note that it says save 83 cents. No wonder why big businesses are in trouble--they can't do simple addition and subtraction with 2 digit numbers!

I'm sorry that the pictures are of inferior quality--I used my phone and was in a hurry.