28 January 2015

Santa Is a Minnesota Viking

I'm writing this way ahead of time because this hat is a gift for a a friend who is a great fan of the Minnesota Vikings. The 2 Santa hats I made for Christmas went over very well and I had a request for this one and one done in green and white for one of Santa's elves. So, having the delayed appearance of this on my blog is to keep my friend from seeing it before receiving it.

Here it is--

I had plenty of extra yarn so I made this scarf to go with the hat--

The colors aren't showing up on the scarf picture very well. The colors are a golden yellow color and dark purple.

I will be delivering this hat and scarf in person. By the time you read this, I will be inland of San Francisco visiting 2 of my friends. One is a friend since high school way back in the 1970s. We always have fun and lots of laughs even when we're just visiting over coffee.

Take care...

MN Viking merchandise

27 January 2015

Making Husband Happy...

When we migrated to Florida for the winter, I went to Dollar Tree and bought microfiber dishtowels and dishcloths. I must confess, I am spoiled when it comes to doing dishes because husband does them. He had a big case of dislike for the microfiber towels and dishcloths because they just didn't seem to dry or wash the dishes very well. I replaced the towels and I've been making new dishcloths. Here are a few that I've recently made.

For the red, white and blue dishcloth, I used an H hook instead of a G hook. Also, I made 2 rounds for the edging instead of 1. Plan next time is to use G hook and do 2 edging rounds and that should make this closer in size to other dishcloths.

26 January 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (26 January 2015)

Slippers are one of my favorite things to make and here is a pattern that is on my short list. Valentine Day is almost here and these slippers with hearts would make a great gift.

Take care my friends,


23 January 2015

New Style of Slippers Made

I used a new-to-me pattern for a pair of slippers. I like these slippers because being made from a single strand of worsted weight yarn, they are nicer for warmer weather. I think I could have used a smaller hook except with my big feet they are a bit hard to pull over the heel as it is. I will play around with this pattern and make them again. I'm going to look for a similar pattern with a more defined heel. This pattern is from the book Crochet for Caring and Sharing. The projects in this book revolve around the theme of breast cancer awareness. My slippers were made out of a partial skein of left-over yarn, hence the reason they're not pink. Here's the picture from the book--

Here's mine--

Hope y'all are having a nice day. Take care and I'll be seeing you again here in blogland.


21 January 2015

Hat for a Junior Elf

I'm still making hats for next Christmas. I feel so motivated.  This hat is for a young child. This pattern is very easy. The only variation I did was to make a pompom instead of a crocheted "ball" to put on the peak of the hat. I hope I get to see a picture of youngster wearing this hat next holiday season.  Here it is--

I found a new pattern for slipper socks that I want to try. These are a bit more "light-weight." I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. I finished a scarf last night except for weaving in the ends. There are a lot of them since there are stripes involved. Hope to have that ready to show you in a day or 2. 

That's all for now folks.


19 January 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (19 January 2015)

Today's link is to a book of vintage potholder patterns. There are some cute one's in this book. My favorite one has an ear of corn on it. Here's the link.

Have fun with these.


All sorts of potholders

18 January 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas 2015

The 2 Santa hats I made for last Christmas went over so well that I had requests for more. I was requested to make one in green for one of the elves in California at the North Pole.  This is a fun pattern to make--it's easy and for me, it takes a little over an evening watching television to make one start-to-finish. It's great to have such an early head start on projects for next Christmas.

There will now be one elf staying warm next winter. 

That's all folks. Hope y'all are doing okay. Take care my friends.


12 January 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (12 January 2015)

Here's a pattern for a border on a basic shawl that is pretty and looks very special. Chilliness in the house this time of year makes shawls very practical. If you hot flash like I do, then a shawl is an easy and practical "on-and-off item" to own.  You might try this border on a baby blanket or afghan too.

11 January 2015

Hat and Scarf Are Finished

These items were a love and hate project to make. I loved the softness of the Homespun Yarn by Lion. The yarn is so smooth and soft but unfortunately it splits, snags, is hard to see and I'm always worried that it will unravel. I loved the colors I used but was a little shaky about the matching issue but now that the scarf and hat are finished, I think they look nice. I will be headed into colder weather for about a week and I need something to help keep me warm and this should fit the bill.

Here's the hat; the pattern is called Lovely Lady Slouch Hat.

The scarf pattern is Just Another Chevron Scarf. I used a heavier weight yarn and a smaller hook (J) to make this. The colors I used are lagoon and forest--nice rich colors.

This is it for now. Take care and stay warm everyone!


07 January 2015

Shades of Brown Hat and Scarf

I finished these about a week ago except for getting a button for the scarf. I enjoy both of these patterns very much and I'm happy to share the links with you. I like a nice pair of leather gloves for winter warmth and this set needs a nice pair of dark brown gloves to match.

I have no where to take pictures here. I moved my current project off my recliner to put the scarf and hat on and now I see the yarn hanging in one of these pictures.  One of these days I'll get it together.

Y'all stay warm.


06 January 2015

Coasters--Bright and Cheery

Good afternoon everyone!

Just getting a little laundry done and sipping on a cup of hot decaf coffee; I just love a cup on chilly winter days.

I want to show you my latest, finished project. I made another set of 4 coasters. Husband likes to have drinks such as water and Crystal Light on the night stand at night. Me, I get peeved at the rings and mess on the furniture from these drinks. These coasters will help protect the furniture and keep my temper chilled. If you notice, these coasters aren't lacy and that is added protection. Here's a peek--

05 January 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (05 January 2015)

The holidays are over and life has slowed down for you. You feel the urge to crochet something but not a time consuming project. Hey, you know a young lady who received a doll for Christmas and she's in need of clothes and accessories. Here's a pattern that includes how-to information on making a few, quick accessories for an 18" doll. Included are instructions on how to crochet a hat, vest and purse. Check it out here.

Hope life has settled down for you and that this new year is looking bright. Take care my friends.


18" dolls