03 November 2009

I'm Slow so Sue Me lol...Here's Halloween Pics

Here's a few pictures of Halloween at our house.  My daughter-in-law is the little devil and my son is the handsome fellow with her.  You can see ggranddaughter and granddaughter. Ray and ggranddaughter posed with the giant tomato.  The dogs also dressed up so that they wouldn't be caught nekkid by other trick-or-treaters! Hope you received more treats than tricks...

Slippers for Me

Here is a picture of a pair of slippers I recently made for myself.  I was going to put these aside for a Christmas gift but the yarn (I bought it on clearance) was cut in several places so I had to join it 4 times in 1 slipper grrrrr...The yarn I used is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.  Normally, this is a great yarn to work with--soft and doesn't split.  This is the same pattern I usually use for slippers and you can find it here.