30 December 2008

What I Finished Crocheting in 2008

I just thought that I'd list all the items I crocheted in 2008. I had them listed in my signature for crochetville.org but now that a new year is almost here I'll be starting off there with a clean slate and I didn't want to lose track of what I did in '08. Here they are:
Completed 2008 demi slippers (1pr), chenille afghan, dog sweater (3), ski hat, half moon shawl, hat and scarf set (2), blue & white rr, Purple Cuddler RR, purple gold offwhite rr, scarf with headband set (2), headband, rr for baby(5), pink baby hoodie, ladies slippers (21), men's slippers (6), child slippers (1)spiderman rr for baby, doll outfit I "winged", doorstop, pink rr, washcloth (1), dishcloth (2) granny squares (29) Pet booties (3)

Currently, I am working on a hexagon afghan in shades of pink. It is for a friend. I'm not saying who until it is finished because it is a surprise for her! You can find the free pattern here. When I am finished with it I will definitely post a picture of it for you to see. The picture I have posted in this entry is the rr afghan I made my gd for Christmas. She really loved it!