27 March 2010

Winding Down With the Dishcloths

I'm winding down with my temporary obsession with crocheting dishcloths.  This one I goofed on.  I was supposed to be crocheting in the back loops only but for some unknown reason, I crocheted in both loops in one row.  Where was my brain?  Am I going to frog it and correct that mistake?  Heck no!  I put it in the cupboard with my other dishcloths and not in the gift drawer.  Anyway, many of my readers are very talented crocheters but some aren't so this just goes to show that no matter how long you have been crocheting (off and on since the 1970s in my case),  mistakes happen and for something like a dishcloth for my own use, who cares lol!  Take care everyone and see you later...

Nellie Belle With a Big Girl Bone!

Here's my Nellie Belle with a big girl bone.  Usually I post the chi's photos on their blog but no one ever goes there so I thought I'd put this one here for you to see.  Nellie is a prima donna, a real diva.  She is the youngest of our 3 canine kids but she is the alpha dog of the house!