14 January 2016

Back From Illinois and a Few Projects

I went to Illinois last Thursday for an extended weekend. I only wish that I would have had more time there. I went to visit an aunt who has some health issues, a cousin and was able to visit another cousin (once removed) while I was there too. I stayed with a very good friend from my high school days. I have a couple great friends from those old days that I am very happy to say we have remained very good friends now that we are very close to 60 years old. Unfortunately, I was very talkative and didn't take many pictures.

One thing I always do when I go to Illinois is place flowers on my mom's grave and the graves of other family members who are buried close to her. They were very special people and deserve to be remembered.

It was cold in Illinois when I was there but the day I left became frigid. I didn't think about having to scrape the windows on the rental car so when I went out to drive to the airport I had to scrape ICE not snow off the windows. I stopped on the way to airport to get gas and the pump said my debit card was defective. The clerk tried to manually input the number and it still wouldn't work so I used a credit card with no problems. Unfortunately, the pumps needed a kick in the oomp-tee-doo to work because it took 8 minutes to pump in $15 worth of gas. Finally got underway and made it just in time to the airport as the plane was boarding. Whew--barely made it! I am happy to be back in Florida but I always feel like I've left home after leaving Illinois, probably because I grew up there.

I always have many pairs of ladies slippers stockpiled but this time I didn't so I didn't have as many pairs to pass out in Illinois as I wished. While I was there, I made a red pair for my friend.

I am getting a few pairs socked away and here's one pair:

I got some Hometown USA yarn and looked high and low for a pattern I'd like to make out of it. I wanted something simple but not too home-made looking. I liked the Snap! I Lost My Hat pattern. I made it twice, once in size medium and once in size large. The medium is more child-size than adult and that's why I ended up making the large size too.

size medium

size large

I made an infinity cowl to go with the hats.

This is all for now folks. Hope you are staying warm.