10 April 2011

Spring Is in the Air

Spring is in the air! Last night we slept with windows open and it was still very warm in our house. Today we are predicted to have record-breaking temperatures--86 degrees breaking the previous record of  82. Anyway, the darned dandelions are making an impressive appearance out in the lawn. I'm not too fond of them.

I do LOVE the wild violets that have made their appearance. I told dh that he can get rid of the dandelions but please leave the violets. Our violets come in 2 shades of purple--a delicate pale purple, almost white and a dark, vibrant color. Here's a look at them:

DH just mowed the lawn a few days ago but with the rain we've had the grass is looking a bit high.  I hope y'all are having a nice, relaxing Sunday and will have a great week. Hugs to all...