13 September 2017

Finally, I Finished Something

My crochet mojo had gotten up and left for a while.I finally finished this afghan that I had promised to someone quite a while ago. I do like this pattern and this is the second time I used it. The first time I made this project I did not put the edging on and I think I actually might like it a little better without it although it did turn out nice with it too. The person who this is for is a Raiders fan that's why I used these colors.

Big news.... Tomorrow I am going to Germany! I am very excited like a kid would be waiting to go to a Disney theme park. I will be taking a side trip to Luxembourg to see the town my mother's side of the family came from almost 200 years ago. OOOOH I am so excited! I will try to post a little bit of information about places I see. My mother-in-law is originally from Germany so we are going visiting family and I hope to do some touristy things. I will be happy just to experience being there.

Take care everyone...