10 June 2012

I'm Doing a CAL--Making Something for My Babies :)

The other day, I told you about an upcoming CAL to crochet summer hats for your K9 children. Sara of Posh Pooch Designs has put the day 1 instructions out. Today is pretty simple and all you'll need is your measuring tape. My Opi cooperated for this and his little head is 10". I tried to chase Nellie Belle down but she's not cooperating so I'll have to wait until later when she's less suspicious of me. I think I'm going to enjoy this CAL. I'm trying to figure out what embellishments to use on these hats though. I'll figure something out. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's creations.

Here's a couple pictures of my "kids."

Nellie Belle


My "kids" aren't going to be happy with me after today. Starting tomorrow, they're going on a diet of allergen-free dog food. They both get allergies, Opi pretty bad sometimes, so we're taking them off all goodies and the special Sunday dinners (canned food) and after 6 weeks, we'll reintroduce things one at a time to see if we can figure out what triggers the allergies. They're not going to like it...